Blackhat is Encoded with Mediocre Software

Cybercrime and computer hacking are some of the most popular forms of criminal activity in this modern age. It is becoming extremely alarming as these activities become more common and hit close to home, especially since famous hacks on Target and, most recently, Sony. So, what better way to tell an original crime story than using these cybercrime as inspiration. Filmmaker, Michael Mann, who hasn’t directed a film since 2009 will team up with Thor, the God of Thunder for his new film— Blackhat.

Chris Hemsworth in Blackhat

Chris Hemsworth in Blackhat

Blackhat tells the story of Nicholas Hathaway (Chris Hemsworth), a furloughed criminal who is chosen to help Chinese and American agencies track down and capture a major cyber criminal.

I didn’t hate Blackhat, but I didn’t love it either. Mann’s new film is a movie that I just didn’t feel strongly about in either direction, it was just mediocre. However, I must say the movie’s issues outweighed the good I saw in it. For instance, a major problem I had with it was the sound mixing/editing and voiceovers. There were times in the film that the audio dubbing and sound were so distracting that it immediately pulled me out of the moment. In one of the earliest scenes which takes place in a board room, characters mouths are not even close to matching up with the dialogue we are hearing. That was enough to distract me from reading the subtitles, which in turn made this scene essentially useless. It is things like this that can truly hurt a movie because it is so annoying to the viewers.

Yet, the biggest issue I had with the film is that it was a whole lot more complicated than it had to be, which in turn made it harder to believe. As of right now, hacking and cybercrime is at a peek. Most recently, Sony was hacked causing the whole controversy with the film, The Interview. Target, Chase, and a few other major companies have also fallen to these major hacks as well, yet instead of using these real-life examples as inspiration, the film’s plot is a bit out there. Granted this movie started filming in 2013, which was way before the Sony hack, but this movie would have worked much better if the criminal was doing something that just wasn’t as far-fetched. It wasn’t all a giant mess though, I essentially enjoyed the gritty technique that Mann delivered in his latest film. I thought it added a great sense of style yet, not even that can help save a movie that you just aren’t invested in. There are so many characters, yet I didn’t care for or connect with any of them.  Without emotional investment or a connection in a movie, it usually is a bust for me.

Blackhat is just one of those mediocre movies that is easy to forget. It is one hat that I never plan on wearing again. 

-By Jacob Tiranno

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