The Bye Bye Man is a Bust – Movie Review

Don’t think it, don’t say it.

“It” is referring to the evil, hooded boogeyman who stalks three college students in the new horror film, The Bye Bye Man, from STX Entertainment and director Stacy Title.

The movie, based on a chapter out of Robert Damon Schneck’s book, “The President’s Vampire,” is nothing more than a reminder that it’s officially January.

Douglas Smith in The Bye Bye Man

Douglas Smith in The Bye Bye Man

In case you don’t understand my reference, January and February (also August and September) are commonly referred to as “dump months.” To be more specific these months are when studios “dump” the movies they have the least faith in, critically and financially, into the theaters.

 The Bye Bye Man is the perfect example of this stereotype. So, heed my warning and avoid it.

In the first half of the film, nothing happens. Besides its opening five minutes (which end up being the best part of the movie), the first half is a complete bore; nothing happens. The most exciting thing that occurs is when a section of wallpaper comes to life in a shot that feels too long. (Note my sarcasm)

However, the second half of The Bye Bye Man is the opposite; it’s barking mad. It is almost as ludicrous as the poorly animated dog-beast that follows the titular character. It’s as if the filmmakers flung their hands in the air and just gave up. Certain characters are in places (like in the middle of the road) just for the convenience of the story, etc.

If you decide to ignore my plea and go see this mess, you will witness some of the worst acting. The performances are laughable because they are so ridiculously over-the-top.

The editing isn’t much better. There are so many random shots that are kept in the movie, yet plenty of important ones that they forgot to put in. It’s almost as if they loaded the footage into a blender, pureed it, opened the lid and presented it with a “volià.”

The one thing I will say about The Bye Bye Man is that you will talk about it once the film ends. But, not for the right reasons. Instead, you’ll be talking about the plot-holes and other mistakes in the movie that just make no sense.

“How did she get his number?”

“How did she perfectly land on the tree?”

“Why didn’t he tie him up?” or “Wait didn’t he tie him up?”

“Are they having an affair? And why is this important for the movie?”

“Why didn’t he try to help ___, instead of letting him burn?”

You’ll have countless questions because The Bye Bye Man is a bust.

Don’t think it, don’t say it, and whatever you do—don’t SEE IT!

0.5 out of 4 stars
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