Fantastic Four Falls Flat

Fantastic Four is a reboot of a failed franchise that started in 2005. That movie suffered from a boring storyline and not-so-great acting. The 2015 reboot isn’t much of an improvement. I had hopes for this movie, not only because of the cast but because of the direction I believed it was taking. Boy, oh boy, was I wrong. This movie offers nothing memorable and it just boring.

Miles Teller in Fantastic Four

Miles Teller in Fantastic Four

Fantastic Four follows four young outsiders that teleport to an alternate and dangerous dimension that alters their physical form in marvelous ways. There is Reed Richards (Miles Teller), who has the ability to stretch his body to shocking lengths and shapes. There is Sue Storm (Kate Mara) who can turn invisible and create and harness force fields. Her brother Johnny Storm (Michael B. Jordan) can ignite himself into flames and fly. Then, there is Reed’s best friend Ben Grimm (Jamie Bell) has rock-like flesh and has incredible strength.

These four characters were a part of Marvel’s first superhero team when they were introduced in 1961. They were created by the legendary Stan Lee and artist Jack Kirby. Unfortunately, these infamous heroes, better known as the Fantastic Four have never been well-adapted to the big screen. The 2015 version, directed by Josh Trank doesn’t even feel like a full movie. Imagine going up a drop on a roller coaster, hearing that clicking noise as you ascend the hill. You are anticipating the great 350-foot drop, but when you reach the top, the ride is over. That’s this movie in a nutshell.

The movie spends an hour introducing us to the lifeless and flat characters, giving them no life nor a reason to care about them. Finally, the transformation everyone knows is inevitable. The worst crime of all is that the movie then montages through these characters learning and accepting their abilities. WHAT?! The film forces us to sit and wait for something that we know will happen, only to skip the essential part of their acceptance. I don’t care that Johnny Storm likes to race, but I do care how he deals with the fact he is a human torch, literally. Then about 15 minutes later our villain and most entertaining character, Dr. Doom (Toby Kebbell) appears. Boom! A quick action beat and the movie is over. The teams greatest nemesis rises and falls int the matter of twenty minutes. You tell me what is wrong with that picture.

Finally and what I consider to be the driving-stake in the heart, is the team’s chemistry. I had the opportunity to meet and speak with the “Fantastic Four,” at this year’s CinemaCon. I couldn’t help but notice that none of them seemed happy to be with each other. Now, this could be my observation and be completely incorrect, but they don’t share any chemistry on camera either. They were all just there, no chemistry and no strong relationships. I had trouble buying the characters to begin with, so to believe they develop this strong bond was near impossible. To keep this short, Fantastic Four was a disaster. Fantastic—this movie is anything but.

1 out of 4 stars

-By Jacob Tiranno

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