Get Hard Doesn’t Get Humor

For the past three years I’ve written a review on about four or five Kevin Hart films, such as Ride Along or Think Like a Man, and with every review I open by talking about him. I defend his comedy, talk about his explosion into pop culture, and I mention that I think he is one of the best working comedians alive. Then I go on to say, however, his transfer from stand-up to acting hasn’t been very smooth. His movies aren’t horrible, they are just lazy and empty. They are just telling Hart to act like his stand-up routine and it’s getting old really fast. So unfortunately, this film, Get Hard from director Etan Cohen in his feature film debut, is no different.

Kevin Hart and Will Ferrell in Get Hard

Kevin Hart and Will Ferrell in Get Hard

Get Hard follows James (Will Ferrell) who after being sentenced to ten years in a maximum security, hires Darnell (Kevin Hart) to show him to survive in prison because of his fear of being beaten and raped. What James doesn’t know is that Darnell has never even been to prison. 

Get Hard is amazing…in the sense that it is clumsy, stupid, and at times downright offensive. Even though I’m hesitant to call it offensive because of just how dumb it is, I don’t think it is aware of its racist and homophobic jabs. Comedians love to push boundaries, especially about race. However, comedians usually know how to turn topics like this on their head and make fun of them. Yet, this movie talked about race but did nothing but affirm racial and homosexual stereotypes. It was God awful. Although, I actually bought the chemistry between Ferrell and Hart, there was no salvaging this picture. Simply put, this movie is an hour and 40 minute, “don’t drop the soap” joke, and it was the stupidest joke ever. 

One of my favorite reviews that the great, Roger Ebert ever wrote, was his review for Milk Money, a film starring Mellanie Griffith and Ed Harris. He didn’t so much review it, but instead recreate the dialogue between the executives. It was genius and I feel the best way to express my feeling of Get Hard, will be to follow suit. The following conversation is between two studio executives while discussing the movie. 

 Studio Executive A: So, what’s the plot?

Studio Executive B: Will Ferrell’s character is a racist, rich white guy who hires Kevin Hart’s character to teach him to survive in prison, even though Hart’s never been to prison, Will’s character just assumes because he’s black.

A:  That is racist, so what happens in the movie?

B: Well the whole movie is basically a big joke about Will Ferrell getting raped, so there will be a lot of gay sex jokes and racial stereotypes. Like Hart’s cousin who will be played by a rapper and is a gangster and their girlfriends just twerk the whole time. Oh, there are Mexican gardeners too! And we can through in jokes about Hart being short and have Will Ferrel naked! 

A: Why is Will Ferrell always naked? Okay, so are we making a statement about race?

B: No, we just have it there! Like the scene where Will tries to teach the gangsters about the stock market and they don’t understand it unless they compare it to robbery and murder.

A: Doesn’t this sound really offensive?

B: No, we have two comedians joking about it, that makes it all better.

A: You’re right, this will make millions!

Sad part is, it probably will.

Get Hard is a terrible movie. It’s almost appropriate to to call the movie offensive, but it was too dumb to even know it was offensive. Instead of getting hard it should’ve went to Get Smart. 

0.5 out of 4 stars

-By Jacob Tiranno

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