Minions Mostly Miss Their Mark

Five years ago, Gru, an evil villain appeared on the big screen in the animated film Despicable Me. Steve Carell did a great job voicing the character, but the main character wasn’t the best part of the movie. His sidekicks were, the minions! These little yellow, pill-shaped creatures stole the show. Their presence grew in the sequel, Despicable Me 2, which came out two years ago. T-shirts, toys, plush dolls, and cups, minions were everywhere, which meant only one thing. It is time for their own movie, directed by Kyle Balda and Pierre Coffin—Minions.

Bob, Kevin, and Stuart (all voiced by Pierre Coffin) in Minions

Bob, Kevin, and Stuart (all voiced by Pierre Coffin) in Minions

Minions tells the story of Kevin, Stuart, and Bob (all voiced by Coffin) who leave their tribe to find their new master, the evilest being they can find.

Minions was a movie I couldn’t wait to see. Like most of the world, I loved them in the Despicable Me films. I thought they were funny and silly, it seriously reminded me of classic slapstick comedy. However, I must say, I was seriously disappointed in this movie. It wasn’t bad, I laughed and found myself enjoying the majority of it, but it was just a big letdown. My problem with it lies in the story or lack of. When the minions are just being minions amongst each other, or exploring, that was when this movie was fun. However, it is only when Academy Award-winning actress, Sandra Bullock and her character Scarlet Overkill enter that I started losing interest. No, it wasn’t because of Bullock, but because where the story goes from there that is stale and boring. I will say Scarlet wasn’t the most interesting character, so it is a shame she becomes such a significant character. Again, not the fault of Bullock but the script. The movie stops being about the minions exploring and becomes a soft-of-heist movie, as they are tasked with stealing the Queen’s crown. From here, Minions loses steam, and the jokes stop working.

See, I honestly think the best route for this movie would have been short twenty-minute skits, instead of one long ninety-minute movie. The same gag got tired. Like, I mentioned earlier, the minions represent classic slapstick, and I think that’s why I enjoy them so much. They are, in an odd way, this generation’s Three Stooges. Remember how the Three Stooges worked? In short skits! We could have a simple problem, and then show how the minions deal with that problem. Then after twenty minutes, change up the problem, the setting, and it becomes fresh again. This was the formula this movie needed to make a great picture. Instead, Minions leaves me thinking that the minions need their own television show. That’s the format they needed. A full-length motion picture just was too much for these small yellow creatures to carry.

Minions isn’t a bad movie. It is cute and fun, but the joke gets old fairly quick, proving that their own full-length movie was just too much. You might laugh and smile in the beginning, but by the end, you’ll be going BANANAS!

2 out of 4 stars

-By Jacob Tirano

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