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A Most Violent Year is Mostly Mediocre

Coming off his critically acclaimed sea adventure All Is Lost, writer and director J.C. Chandor follows  it up with a modest, compelling crime drama set in New York City. A Most Violent Year follows Immigrant Abel Morales (Oscar Isaac) as he tries to capture the American Dream while trying to build his own business empire. Things do become complicated when he realizes he is surrounded by corruption and moral decay. With pressure from his wife, Anna (Jessica Chastain) and several business associates, Abel must decide what is more important in life: his business’ success or his moral consciousness?

Oscar Isaac in A Most Violent Year

Oscar Isaac in A Most Violent Year

A Most Violent Year is a well made film that feels and looks authentic in its style and approach. Set in 1981, J.C. Chandor has inspired to capture the same spirit and grit of the quintessential New York crime films made popular by Sidney Lumet and others in the 1970s.