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5 Movies to See Before Martin Scorsese’s The Irishman

Frank Sheeran (Robert De Niro) in The Irishman

One of the most anticipated if not THE most anticipated film of the year is Martin Scorsese’s The Irishman. 

Scorsese is returning to the gangster genre that has for better or worse defined his legendary career. Joining Scorsese, are three actors who are quite familiar with the Cosa Nostra. Robert De Niro, reuniting with Scorsese for the first time since 1995 (excluding the 2015 short film The Audition), Joe Pesci, returning to the screen for the first time since 2010, and Al Pacino, appearing in a Scorsese picture for the very first time.

The film is based on Charles Brandt’s book I Heard You Paint Houses, and it chronicles mobster Frank Sheeran’s (De Niro) last years as he looks back on his relationship and dealings with mafia head Russell Bufalino (Joe Pesci) and their involvement with the disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa (Pacino). It has premiered in limited theaters to rave reviews. Currently on Rotten Tomatoes, it is at a 96% approval rating with over 200 reviews. The majority of critics are praising the film’s profound elegiac tone that is always hanging over the characters as they navigate through their choices in life.

Ultimately, this is not your typical gangster film but rather a film that is contemplative and might actually be the final chapter of the genre itself. On November 27, the film will finally premiere nationwide on Netflix! But before you and your family decide to spend your Thanksgiving weekend watching it, instead of those amusement park films ;)

Here are five films from Scorsese and the actors that you should revisit before watching The Irishman


Black Mass Movie Review

Ever since I saw the teaser trailer for Black Mass, I wondered if it would be the return of the movie star, Johnny Depp. I’ve been waiting for said return for years. The Hollywood superstar began catching the eyes of audiences in the late 80s. He became a heartthrob, and shortly after he would start delivering some incredible performances. What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, Ed Wood, Donnie Brasco. Depp was becoming one of the best actors of our time. Blow and Pirates of the Caribbean would follow.

Joel Edgerton and Johnny Depp in Black Mass

Joel Edgerton and Johnny Depp in Black Mass

After Pirates, he became a global phenomenon. But as the years went on, the performances got weaker. It seemed he was more worried about cool makeup and crazy outfits than actually delivering a moving performance. Alice in Wonderland, Dark Shadows, and the worst of all, Mortdecai. That’s right, it was earlier this year when Depp hand delivered one of the worst movies/performances I’ve ever seen. But just months later, I’m happy to announce—Johnny Depp is back.