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Pixels Movie Review & Film Summary

You want to know how I feel about Pixels? Meh. I don’t feel anything at all. Do I think it is the worst crime against humanity, like some critics? No. Do I think it is a great movie? Absolutely not. I feel whatever about it. It was a movie that I’m not going to get riled up about it because it wasn’t important. I don’t mean I went into the movie thinking this, but after watching it, I came to this realization. I’m so indifferent, I’ve already forgotten most of it. Pixels is just simply there, some will notice it, but most won’t.

Donkey Kong in Pixels

Donkey Kong in Pixels

Like most movie-goers, I, too, have given up on Mr. Adam Sandler. The actor who used to make silly but solid comedies hasn’t given audiences anything satisfying since I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry—and I’m even in the minority for that one. I don’t know what exactly happened. He went from stupid comedies to better comedies, to dramatic roles, all the way back to the stupid comedies he started with. He managed to fall back to square one. But still, I don’t find myself at his door with a torch and pitchfork in hand. Sandler wants to make the kind of movies he wants, and as long as they make money, that will never stop. If that’s what he wants, that’s fine, just don’t ask me to like them.