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Secret in Their Eyes Movie Review

La Pregunta de Sus Jos (translating to The Question in Their Eyes) is a 2005 thriller novel, written by Argentinian author Eduardo Sacheri. Four years following the book’s release, Argentinian filmmaker Juan José Campanella adapted it into a film called The Secret in Their Eyes. The movie earned critical acclaim receiving multiple awards in both Spain and Hollywood, including an Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film at the 82nd Academy Awards. Now, only six years after the successful film’s release, comes the American remake, Secret in Their Eyes, from writer-director Billy Ray.

Julia Roberts in Secret in Their Eyes

Julia Roberts in Secret in Their Eyes

 Secret in Their Eyes tells the story of FBI investigators, Jess (Julia Roberts), Ray (Chiwetel Ejiofor), and their supervisor Claire (Nicole Kidman), who are carefully watching a mosque in Los Angeles shortly after the attack on America on September 11. However, the three are ripped apart after they discover that Jess’s teenage daughter was brutally murdered and left in a dumpster near the mosque. Thirteen years later, after Ray left the Bureau, he returns to LA after finding a new lead that feels can finally close the case on the murder.