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The Boss Movie Review

I, like most people, fell in love with Melissa McCarthy after watching her outrageous performance in the hit comedy Bridesmaids. I’ve called her the “One of the funniest women in Hollywood,” and to this day, I still believe this is true. However, just because I think she is funny, that doesn’t mean I find all of her work funny. Tammy and Identity Thief immediately come to mind. These films aren’t horrible, but in both of my reviews I talk about how the movies fail to reach the female, physical comedian’s potential, and now, I add another title to the mentioned list—The Boss.

Kristen Bell & Melissa McCarthy in The Boss

Kristen Bell & Melissa McCarthy in The Boss

The Boss is directed by McCarthy’s husband, Ben Falcone, who has been a creative force in the majority of her work. They make a great team, but unfortunately, they don’t always make great movies. See, before seeing this film, I argued that McCarthy was on the fast track of being type-casted. She usually plays the role of an eccentric character either a slob or in this case a wealthy snob. But, after seeing her newest picture, I realized it’s not her being typecast as much as her movies (the ones she or her husband are in creative control of) follow the same formula.