Think Like A Man Too

It was two years ago when Steve Harvey’s book adaptation, Think Like A Man was released. It was sappy, cheesy, but it had moments of comedy that made the movie bearable. However, the sequel Think Like A Man Too is still sappy, more cheesy, but it gives us nothing to laugh about. Director, Tim Story, returns to direct the sequel that tells the story of the couples going to Vegas for Candace and Michael’s wedding.

Michael Ealy and Kevin Hart in Think Like A Man Too

Michael Ealy and Kevin Hart in Think Like A Man Too

Unfortunately, Think Like A Man Too, is one big disaster. It seems the film had no intention of doing anything but delivering audiences the screen presence of Kevin Hart and the rest of the original film’s gang. I want to say the movie tried too hard to be funny or to be a raunchy Hangover rehash but it actually feels like it didn’t try at all.

In my review of the 2012 film, Think Like A Man, I talked about how the comedy of Kevin Hart kept the movie alive. I ended my review by saying “the best part about the movie is the hope that Kevin Hart will walk away with more movie roles.” The expression goes, be careful what you wish for. Kevin Hart has been a rising star for sometime and he is showing up in more and more places. The downfall is that Kevin Hart has yet to play a different character in any of his films. No matter the situation, the frantic and loud comedian repeats similar jokes about his height and masculinity. It seems like Kevin Hart only plays Kevin Hart. It is quite a shame that he doesn’t try to challenge himself and take on a different role, because like a hot song on the radio, he’s becoming overplayed. Regardless,Think Like A Man Too thinks Kevin Hart is the key to success as the filmmakers take the once side character and make him the center of the sequel. It gets to a point that it feels like Hart is just being jammed down your throat, which makes me think he kept the first film alive, but he may have killed the sequel.

My major problem with films like this, is that it feels nobody cared about making a good picture. Nobody cared at all about the visual story they were telling. It feels lazy, rushed, and worst of all it doesn’t have any heart. When a movie has no heart, no character to emotionally invest in, no desire to tell a great story that is when you have not a movie but a train-wreck. The movie is so lazy that most of the issues and conflict that the characters deal with in the film are all resolved off-screen, if they are resolved at all. The couples reunite, simply using dialogue to tell the audience they fixed their problems. It felt like filmmakers just wanted to tie the loose ends and call it a day. When a movie doesn’t seem to care, why should I?

Think Like A Man Too is just a bad movie. It is lazy, it doesn’t offer an emotionally connection and barely gets a chuckle. As for star comedian Kevin Hart, it appears less is more as he was more effective in the original film. Think Like A Man Too just needs to stop and think before making a third.

1 out of 4 stars

-By Jacob R. Tiranno


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