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Top Ten Films of 2017

2017 has finally come to a close. This year exhibited films of prominence. I saw pictures in 2017 that not only earned a spot on my annual Top Ten List but a place on my list of favorite films of all-time. Every emotion was tapped, from excitement to horror, to extreme joy, to utter sorrow. It was a year that reminded us why cinema is so important. Here are my Top Ten Films of 2017:

Jacob Tiranno’s Top Ten Films of 2017Top Ten Films of 2017

10.) Lady Bird 

9.) Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri 

8.) The Lego Batman Movie

7.) The Greatest Showman

6.) Star Wars: The Last Jedi 

5.) Colossal 

4.) The Big Sick 

3.) War for the Planet of the Apes

2.) A Ghost Story

1.) Get Out 

James Hsu’s Top Ten Films of 2017

10.) I, Tonya

9.) Jumanji

8.) Girl’s Trip

7.) The Mountain Between Us

6.) Before I Fall

5.) The Big Sick

4.) Star Wars: The Last Jedi

3.) Logan

2.) The Greatest Showman

1.) Wonder Woman

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