The Wedding Ringer Should Be Annulled

Kevin Hart is one of the, if not the most popular comedian in Hollywood right now. However, ever since the incredible fame that his stand-ups have produced, it seems his movie choices aren’t always the best. With films like Ride Along and Think Like A Man Too, it seems Hart is staying in his comfort zone, which might be a fatal mistake. However that trend might have came to an end in the new film from director Jeremy GarelickThe Wedding Ringer.

Kevin Hart and Josh Gad in The Wedding Ringer

Kevin Hart and Josh Gad in The Wedding Ringer

The Wedding Ringer tells the story of Doug Harris (Josh Gad), who must hire groomsmen and a best man from Jimmy Callahan (Hart) and his company Best Man, Inc., for his wedding which is only days away.

Each new film starring the incredibly popular comedian, I hope it turns out great. I’m a huge fan of Hart’s stand-up like most people are, however his movies always tend to fail us—this one is no different. As much as I wanted to enjoy the new martial comedy, I just didn’t. I barely laughed and the 100 minute movie, felt like forever. For the most part, it just felt lazy and uncreative. It seemed no one put their heart and attentiveness into this picture, and I felt that. Even with the good chemistry that Gad and Hart had, I found myself severely disinterested. The only scene I can admit that I throughly enjoyed, was the dance sequence the two leads share. Even though it is a sequence we’ve seen a hundred times, they seemed to be having a real good time, and that feed to the audience. It was silly and tacky, but it worked, too bad that was the only time I felt that.

Though, it isn’t really good, it has redeemable moments that make it better than most of the comedic train wrecks I’ve witnessed. First, I was quite glad that Hart acted a bit different than we normally see him. Sure he delivers some great one-liners and at times is still funny, but he isn’t just playing Kevin Hart from his stand-up. It isn’t like the generic comedian who talks about his height and references his stand-up work,  we’ve come to expect. He seems to actually try in this film, and for the most part it felt different and fresh for him, I hope he continues this so he does’t become an over-played song.  Yet, even these redeemable qualities don’t save this movie from the uncreative and just blah feeling the movie holds the entire time.

While watching this movie, my thoughts trailed back to a 2009 film by John Hamburg called I Love You, Man. A movie, starring Paul Rudd and Jason Segel, which tells the similar tale of a man finding a best man. It was creative, funny, and offered a lot of heart. I immediately went home after watching The Wedding Ringer and re-watched the 2009 film. That’s when I realized that part of the reason the new film fails is because someone has already told this story and told it way better for that matter.

The Wedding Ringer is below mediocre, it doesn’t feel creative and just feels lazily thrown together, even though it does offer a little heart, no pun intended.

1 out of 4 stars

-By Jacob Tiranno

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